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Posted at — Jun 13, 2019

Hello human!

My name is Christian and after working in neuroscience, doing all sorts of data analysis and data management things, my day job now focuses mainly on data management and more technical tasks. Initiall, this site was primarily created to have a place to write down things about data analysis. However, as these days I do not spend many hours writing R code anymore, I will most likely write about a broader range of things.

These things will most likely be small side-projects, stuff I learned that I think is useful, or from time to time my thoughts on something. Also, I now know where to look when I find myself thinking: I had a solution for a similar problem three months ago….

As evident from the content on this side I did focus on the R programming language for many many years, while also being proficient around Python and increasingly with the Rust programming language. Apart from stuff with data, programming and other technical things that spark my interest from time to time I am also interested in long distance running, music and cooking.

I created this site using the blogdown package in R, making use of hugo and deploying it on netlify.