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Posted at — Jun 13, 2019

Hello human!

My name is Christian and I work in neuroscience, primarily doing data analysis and data management. This site was primarily created to have a place to write down things about data analysis. These things will most likely be small side-projects, stuff I learned that I think is useful, or from time to time my thoughts on something. Also, I now know where to look when I find myself thinking: I had a solution for a similar problem three months ago….

As you can see from the content on this site I am interested in the R programming language, which I have been using for several years now. In addition I know my way fairly well around the Python programming language and might be posting stuff on it from time to time as well. Apart from data analysis and programming I am also interested in long distance running, music and cooking.

I created this site using the blogdown package in R, making use of hugo and deploying it on netlify.